I have to learn from the sea

I have to learn from the sea


Versión de Teresa Arbex en inglés (Nov, 11, 2023)

             May the sea fall asleep

            and so  the anguish that afflicts me.

                                   Clara Janés

I have to learn from the sea

that does not stop  in its tasks

and does not silence its rumor

of whispers  and groans

_ labor of accouchment

eternally reborn-

 I have to look for the signal

that marks its shores

and it never abandons

its attempt to be something else,

licking the sands, returning waves,

leaving traces of its ephemeral step.

 I have to be slowly

in the bitter taste

of the suns and the moons,

trembling in desires

silencing the storms,

caressing in peace

the spume of the days,

contemplating concentrated

on a point, the whole eternity.


            Mariano Ibeas February 2006 – Nov 2023

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